EORS and ON promote orthoregeneration

Apply to receive one of five ON Education Scholarships (1’000 EUR) contributing to your attendance at the EORS Annual Meeting in Izmir, September 16 to 19, 2020

The ON Foundation will furthermore award the best “Orthoregeneration Paper” submitted for EORS annual meeting. Apply now

EORS and ON Foundation will present a joint session on innovative regeneration research topics. The question winning in the poll will result in a Kick-Starter Grant of 10’000 CHF. The topic and application details will be announced during EORS 2020.

We believe that research is the engine of development and that linking and educating passionate professionals is the way to advance the field of orthoregeneration significantly.

Timing Overview (adjustments are possible)

Education Scholarship:

February 3, 2020        Online application system opens
June 30, 2020            Online application system closes
July 31, 2020              Selection and notification to recipients


Orthoregeneration Award:

February 3, 2020        Online application system opens
March 17, 2020          Online application system closes

September 16, 2020   Notification 

Kick-Starter Grant:

September 16-19, 2020       Announcement at EORS Izmir November 10, 2020             Application closes
December 15, 2020             Notification