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ONstage Premiere and Q&A with Expert Daniël Saris - Register Now!

Don't believe that the knee is an organ? Do you want to know what this means for its treatment? 

Then join us on May 4, 7-8 p.m. (CET) for the FREE ONstage Premiere online with Daniël Saris. Dr. Saris can be described as "intellectually flamboyant clinician scientist". He drives regenerative orthopedics on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Discuss with him and get answers to your questions!

The event will be hosted by Matthias Steinwachs, a renowned expert in orthoregeneration/orthopedic surgery.

Don't miss this opportunity and REGISTER NOW.

You can watch the latest premieres and talks HERE.


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ON Literature Grants 2022 - Apply Now!

Our new Literature Grants have been announced:

  • for a systematic review on ACL repair including ACL reconstruction - a comparison of national and international guidelines regarding decision making for treatment
  • for a systematic review on existing techniques for chondrocyte expansion/transplantation
  • for a systematic review on existing techniques for regeneration and repair of peripheral nerves
  • for a systematic review on surgical and non-surgical therapies for the regenerative treatment of tendon injuries or tendinopathies

Application deadline for all ON Literature Grants: April 19
Application deadline for ON/ALTIUS Literature Grant Tendon: June 7



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ON Clinical Fellowships 2022 - Apply Now!

Would you like to look over the shoulders of leading orthoregeneration experts in Europe and the USA? Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience and get a week of hands-on practice at one of the expert centers!

GET MORE INFORMATION AND APPLY NOW for the ON Clinical Fellowships 2022!
Application deadline is April 19, 2022.

Our first fellow Veronica Montiel says about her enriching and unforgettable fellowship at the SportClinic Hirslanden in Zurich: "Dr Steinwachs has given me the opportunity to see first hand how he approaches different types of cartilage injuries and how he applies different kinds of treatment. It has been very interesting to analyze the thought possess behind this decision making. Moreover, talking with Dr Steinwachs about possible research fields related to cartilage degeneration has been motivating and has opened my mind to possible areas of interest. Sharing and commenting on these ideas has been for me the "cherry on top" to this fellowship program."


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ONstage Premiere with Renowned Expert Brian Cole - Register Now!

Do you want to benefit from the experience of one of America's best doctors?

Do you want to meet the expert and learn more about Brian Cole's personal lessons learned during his career as well as his personal vision for the future of orthopedic surgery?

Then join us on April 8, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (CST) / 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. (CET) for our #ONstage Premiere online and get inspired by Brian Cole, a renowned expert in orthoregeneration and team physician of famous teams like the Chicago Bulls! Discuss with him, get your questions answered and network with your peers.

Take this unique opportunity and REGISTER NOW!


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Next Monday: ONstage Premiere With Alan Roura - Register Now!

Can you imagine being on your own - in a sailboat in the middle of the ocean? Swiss sailor Alan Roura, the youngest skipper in history to finish the Vendée Globe, knows how it feels. 

Watch the online premiere of his outstanding ONstage talk "Mental and physical regeneration under extreme conditions" on March 28, 7-8 p.m. (CET). Meet an exceptional personality, discuss with Alan Roura and get answers to your questions.

Don't miss this great opportunity and REGISTER NOW


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ONstage Premiere Ewa M. Roos - Now Available Online / More Events to Follow

Our first ONstage Premiere last week with Ewa M. Roos was a great success with an exciting and interesting discussion! If you missed it, you can watch Dr. Roos’ talk and the recording of the premiere here: https://my.on-foundation.org/ONFocus/onstage_ewaroos

Our ONstage Premiere Series continues. Watch a premiere each month with the specific speaker present. This will give you again the opportunity to discuss with the experts and ask questions. 

The next premiere will feature our special guest speaker Alan Roura, the youngest skipper in history to finish the Vendée Globe, and his talk “Mental and physical regeneration under extreme conditions”. Don't miss it and register now: https://my.on-foundation.org/ONevents/Event/20

Stay tuned for more information!

The ON Foundation Team


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Dive with us into orthoregeneration at our first ONstage Premiere online on February 24, 7-8 p.m. (CET). Get inspired by Ewa M. Roos and her talk "Considering knee surgery? Exercise may work just as well!", discuss with her and get answers to your questions. Use this great opportunity to network with the expert and your peers.

Don't miss it and register now: myON (on-foundation.org)

See you at the event!


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The program of our ON/ICRS Research Fellowship 2022 Europe is now available, check it out:

  • March 31: Day of arrival (Vienna)
  • April 1: Ludwig Bolzmann Institute Vienna, Austria (Heinz Riedl) and
    Medical University Vienna, Austria (Siegfried Trattnig)
  • April 2: Free time (Vienna)
  • April 3: Flight to Italy
  • April 4: Humanitas University Milano, Italy (Elizaveta Kon)
  • April 5: Instituto Ortopedico Galeazzi (IRCCS) Milano, Italy (Laura Di Girolamo) and
    train trip to Switzerland
  • April 6: ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Marcy Wong)
  • April 7: University Basel, Switzerland (Ivan Martin) and
    flight to the Netherlands
  • April 8: University Medical Centre Utrecht, Netherlands (Jos Malda)
  • April 9: Free time (Amsterdam)
  • April 10: Flight to Germany
  • April 11: University Hospital Regensburg, Germany (Peter Angele)
  • April 12: Charite Berlin, Germany (Georg Duda)
  • April 12-15: ICRS World Congress, Berlin

The Godfather is Anthony Hollander (University of Liverpool).

Don't miss this amazing opportunity and apply now: https://loom.ly/ORU7XZo

Application deadline is February 15, 2022.

We look forward to receiving your application!


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Happy holidays!

Just like last year, Corona and home office have shaped our private and professional everyday life. But we gladly accepted the challenge and, despite the home office, kept moving to advance orthoregeneration and to further expand our community. 

This would not have been possible without your support and trust. 

«Basically, it is always the connections with people that give life its value.»
(Wilhelm von Humboldt)

With an entertaining video we would like to put a smile on your face: Xmas Movie 2021

We wish you and your families happy holidays, a healthy, successful 2022 and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Your ON Foundation Team


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We have the pleasure to announce some great ON Grants 2021.

ON Pilot Grant Meniscus 2021 - 25’000 CHF
For an innovative pilot study covering the topic of  innovation to advance meniscal preservation and regeneration.


ON Pilot Grant Spine 2021 - 25’000 CHF For an innovative pilot study covering the topic of innovative scaffolds for the improvement of spinal fusion.


ON Literature Grant Meniscal Replacement 2021 - 2'000 CHF
For a systematic review on an update on meniscal replacement. The amount shall be predominately used to make the resulting publication open access.

Other funding sources are possible.

Application deadline for all Grants: November 16, 2021

The decision will be communicated December 2021

Apply here


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