ON meets AGA 2021 collaboration

ON meets AGA at the 38th AGA Congress September 9 to 11, 2021, in Hamburg. We provide Education Grants (500 EUR) to young AGA Members with a strong interest in orthoregeneration and an according track record.

Application deadline is August 10, 2021.


In addition, ON and AGA bring you a scientific session on orthoregenerative techniques (note most will be in German).


·        Introduction (Matthias Steinwachs)

·        Possibilities and limitations in the knee joint* (Matthias Steinwachs)     

·        Possibilities and limitations in the shoulder joint* (Matthias Zumstein)

·        Possibilities and limitations in the foot joint* (Markus Walther)

·        Possibilities and limits in the hip joint* (tbd)

·        Function and limitations of biomaterials (Heinz Redl)


*Summary of systematic reviews that will be publish ed in the Jourmal of arthroscopy over the course of the year