We believe in regeneration. Therefore, ORS and ON encourage scientists and clinicians to perform research in field of orthopedic regeneration and to share their results with each other at the ORS Annual Meeting

Apply to receive one of ten ON Education Grants contributing to your attendance at the ORS Annual Meeting February 8-11 2020 in Phoenix Arizona. During this event you will also be able to attend the ON Keynote Lecture with a special speaker.

ON and ORS also acknowledge the best research project presented at the Annual Meeting that answer open questions in orthoregeneration or show innovative ideas within the field with the ON Orthoegeneration Award. 

In addition, ON is speaking two ON/ORS Kick-Starter Grants in the amount of 10’000 CHF to support ORS members’ research that focuses on an innovative approach in regenerative orthopedics or that answers an important open question in that field.

We believe that research is the engine of development and that linking and educating passionate professionals is the way to advance the field of orthoregeneration significantly.

For more information on the deadlines and terms & conditions please visit myON 

Important Deadlines (slight adjustments/delays are possible):

Education Grant:

August 19, 2019         Online application system opens

October 21, 2019        Online application system closes

November 19, 2019 Notification to recipients

Kick-Starter Grant:

August 19, 2019         Online application system opens

October 21, 2019 Online application system closes 

November 25, 2019 Notification to recipients

Orthoregeneration Award:

November 11, 2019 Online application system opens

January 6, 2020 Online application system closes

Annual Meeting         Notification to recipients